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WHAT IS A PIECE OF JEWELLERY TO YOU – HERE'S WHAT IT MEANS TO US - Creating our dream and yours is not an easy task by any means but it is what we do. We have the pleasure of adding nothing but beautiful , treasured things of beauty   to the world .

 Fine Jewellery,  in its very essence can only be made from the most precious materials on earth. It is often given to the most precious people in our lives.

Knowing this, understanding this   makes us the jewellers we are. Each and every piece we create made with this thought in mind……

Our pieces are designed for you. Jewellery should be so much more than a brand or a logo. It should reflect the personality of the woman wearing it. Whether she is classical or contemporary in her styling or flamboyant  and daring  a piece of jewellery can truly reflect who you are. Allow yourself the pleasure of creating something designed and made only for you. Yes, its decandent. Yes, its indulgent . Yet it can be the most shrewd of investments not to mention a great deal of fun


All materials can be sourced with ease. However, if you too have jewellery you no longer wear or just pieces that are sitting around in a drawer then we can recreate them into something you will treasure.

After gaining an insight in to what you may want we then begin to draft ideas with some design briefs. By understanding the various ways of constructing jewellery we can then advise on the most suitable way to make you your [master ] piece.

Having a workshop based in Hatton Garden means with have the most far reaching means of technology and skill at our disposal. From rendering C.A.D [ Computer Aided Designs ] designs to employing some of the most skilled, acclaimed goldsmiths & setters our versatility and standards are what set us apart from generic high street brands.

 Flix, head of design will guide you through the entire process. Ensuring your finished piece will do more than surpass your expectations. In fact she has a tendancy to become obsessed  with each commission   


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No matter how humble or grand a piece it is crafted to the finest standards.

All of our pieces are made in our London studio based in Hatton Garden.

By employing the latest in modern U.K jewellery design technology combined with traditional  British craftsmanship we are able to create beautiful innovative pieces in harmony with classical traditional designs. 

Dion – Gemmologist and all round good guy with a slight  [ ur – hum ] obsession with gemstones

We specialise in working with [ by specialise we mean obsessed  ! ] natural coloured gemstones & high quality natural diamonds.  Our field of expertise, well Dions field of expertise is gemstones. Whether it be the most dazzling of diamonds or the most spectacular of sapphires Dion will ensure you receive the best stone he can source from an extensive list of gemstone dealers, miners & brokers. From 5 carat diamonds to 5 mm tourmalines gemstones are what he does.

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